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Established in 2016 as a full-featured web and API platform, Coinspace has become a famous cryptocurrency exchanger trusted by its users. Our excellent team is built by professionals with 10+ years of expertise in the field of digital currency exchange and cryptocurrency trading. Our goal is to allow any person to instantly convert Bitcoin, Ether or any other altcoin with a maximum level of security and privacy protection. Our users are not obliged to create accounts or deposit funds so they can keep their personal information private.

We have a competitive advantage due to wide range of supported features and tools. Among them: quick transactions via the state-of-art fully automated platform, 24/7 customer support, API, customizable payment widget, a browser plug-in and mobile apps for Android and IOS. On top of that Coinspace offers attractive revenue share mechanisms through its affiliate and referral programs.

We are proud to serve people and through the prism of our long-term experience offer them with the best-in-class service.

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All transactions are protected by 256-bit encryption

By-design privacy protection

Multi-layered fraud detection system