Coinspace is a blockchain powered collective open to anyone working with bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain and beyond. We're an organization practicing radical transparency, with public financials and fair and open decision making. We keep track of the workspace needs and member input, and reward contributors in our own crypto-token riding on the bitcoin blockchain (colored-coins). We're using BoardRoom's ethereum-based governance app to manage membership, responsibilities and voting of the collective. As the technology allows for it, Coinspace will run as a Distributed Collaborative Organization.

We're located at Industry City, Brooklyn. 274 36th St. Unit B-538. Come by or visit us virtually via our Double Robot (contact us).


COINCUBE - Automated bitcoin trading.

Freemit - Money transfer service riding on bitcoin.

BlinkTrade - Exchange and remittance software.

Surbitcoin - Venezuelan bitcoin exchange.

Coin.Press - Blockchain education and publishing group.




All our events and meetups are now announced via our Meetup Page, including our weekly Ethereum workshop.